A day with Nikki Reed in LA
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As I wrote earlier, Ian arrived to LA on July 24th and the day after that (Friday) Ian and Nikki were seen together. First they was photographed while stepping out of a gym, then while walking out from Nikki’s home. I think it is a sign that they are not just friends anymore.

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Arriving to LAX airport
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Ian landed at LAX airport on Thursday evening (July 24). He travelled to the city to his rumored girlfriend Nikki Reed. Check out the photos in the gallery.

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Ian defends Nikki
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Ian is sticking up for Nikki Reed. Since she was friends with Nina Dobrev and is now dating Ian, haters slammed her for breaking girl code. So, Ian came to her defense in a shocking new Instagram message. After seeing some fans negative reactions to his new romance with Nikki, he decided to take a stand and defend his new relationship.

This is what an Instagram user said:

“Good friends dont steal their friends’ boyfriends or exes; that’s the main issue. No friend should ever do that. Its immoral-not to mention getting back to the dating arena right after a divorce…i think nikki needs to pull herself together and spend some time alone… she is totally acting like a teenager not a grown woman… grown people do not act that irresponsibly jump into marriages and get a quick divorce and date right after… that is a sign that she is doing something wrong in the relationship arena…”

Ian responded:

“Ummm, everyone- I hate to break it to you but… You have zero clue what really goes on in other peoples’ lives. It does you or anyone else any good at all to project negative energy out there. There is no harm here, I ask you to back off with your negativity, focus that energy elsewhere In a positive manner and let people live their lives. It’s only fair. Thank you and good night.” – later added – “Feel free to write me back. I’m all ears as long as you are. Compassion compassion compassion – find it, use it, love it. The world needs a GREAT deal more of it.”

I think Ian is totally right. Fans shouldn’t have to act like this. They should support them, not turn against them. I am happy if Ian and Nikki are, too.


In addition, Ian follows just a tiny group of people on Instagram, only 20 people, which includes Nikki Reed, but not Nina Dobrev. I think it means something. What do you think?

TVD set, new content
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On July 21st, Ian was on the set of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta. One of the directors, Jeffrey Hunt posted a picture on his Instagram and wrote the next:

Dude I don’t know what to tell you you can’t keep hanging out here. The #tvd is a closed set cast and crew only. It’s time to move on.

By jokingly suggesting that Ian and Bonnie died in the season 5 finale.

40.jpg http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png

In addition, I realized that the site needs a content update, so I started to refresh. Check out Personal Life and Workout, Diet Plan. Enjoy!

Ian found love? – Nikki Reed *PHOTOS*
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After the pictures we’ve got yesterday, I was thinking it but now I’m sure that Ian and Nikki are a couple. They were at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles on July 20th. On the pictures Ian put his arms around Nikki and gave her hugs throughout their day. A source told HollywoodLife.Com:

“They are really tip toeing into something. They are trying to see if their friendship can be more, but it is at its infancy. They are really taking things slow because they don’t want to ruin their friendship, but there are also feelings there between the two. They are keeping it very hush hush. Nikki is still dealing with the Paul breakup very hard and Ian has been there for her. So they are just taking things in stride right now.”

They spend a lot of time together and Ian travelled not once to LA lately, maybe this was the reason? If it was, I’m really happy about the fact that Ian finally found someone. I support them, no matter what. You can find 74 pictures about them in the gallery.

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Taking a jog with Nikki Reed in LA
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Ian and Nikki Reed took a jog together in Los Angeles on Saturday (July 19) and it seems they enjoyed their time. After the pictures appeared, I think the rumors will begin about the two stars’ relationship. Fans say that THIS PHOTO posted by Nikki on Instagram shows Ian’s hand because one of his signature bracelets is visible, so maybe they were hanging out together then as well, which is possible because Ian arrived to LA on July 12th. When Nikki was married to Paul McDonald and Ian and Nina were together, the two couples were very close. In case if you didn’t know, Nikki and Paul decided to end their marriage in March, so she is single now, too.  What do you think? Ian finally got over Nina and he’s looking for happiness? I hope so.

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Ian’s docu-series has two Emmy nominations
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Although The Vampire Diaries hasn’t got any Emmy nomination so far, it doesn’t mean that Ian is not involved in some of them. Showtime’s Years of Living Dangerously docu-series has got not one, but two Emmy nominations this year. In 2014 the Emmy awards will be held in Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles on August 25th. It is nominated for Outstanding Documentary Series and Outstanding Writing for Non-Fiction Programming categories. We really hope they will win them!

Ian was really happy about this news, and waste no time and took Twitter to say something:

“YES!! @YearsofLiving has been nominated for 2 Emmys! SO proud of this team of genius changemakers & honored to be a part of this experience!”

Filming Season 6 has started
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Yesterday (July 12) filming Season 6 has started. Although Ian didn’t tweet about it, Julie Plec, Nina Dobrev, Zach Roerig and Michael Malarkey did. And we’ve got a behind the scenes photo of Ian.

39.jpg http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png