Ian és Nikki at a sex shop in Toronto
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On the weekend Ian attended Fan Expo Canada convention in Toronto and Nikki Reed was also there with him. On Sunday night they were spotted at the Seduction Love Boutique. An employee told TMZ they saw Ian, but couldn’t quite place him.

“You look like Zac Efron.” Ian laughed it off and said: “Nope, wrong guy.”

As for the shopping list, they took home a mix of vibrators, handcuffs and restraints. And they paid more than $860.


Fan Expo Canada
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Fan Expo Canada convention was held in Toronto, Canada from August 28-31. Ian had a panel on Sunday. You can check the fan photos of it in the gallery.

0005.jpg 0012.jpg 0030.jpg 0045.jpg

Ian and Nikki in New Orleans
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A fan took photos of Ian and Nikki at the airport in New Orleans on Agusut 29. There’s no information about why they have arrived to the city.

0002.jpg 0001.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg

Ian and Nikki were holding hands
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Ian and Nikki attended Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on August 16. Now we’ve got a picture and they were holding hands until they arrived to the event. This was the first time that they did this in public.

365.jpg http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png

CBS Watch Magazine – new photos
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CBS Watch Magazine made a photoshoot with Ian this year and now we’ve got 2 new photos from it. I think they’re really really good.

7~4.jpg 8~5.jpg http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png http://ianjosephsomerhalder.com/pics/noimage.png

The Climate Reality Project
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We’ve got a lot of fan pictures about Ian during filming The Climate Reality Project in New York (August 24). He’s taking pictures with fans gladly.

0007.jpg 0016.jpg 0030.jpg 0034.jpg

Ian and Nikki kissed in public
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Our favorite vampire is currently in New York City because he’s filming The Climate Reality Project. His girlfriend Nikki Reed is also in the city with him. Yesterday (August 24) they were walking around in Soho and we’ve got a lot of pictures about it. They seemed so happy and so cute. They were kisssing a few times, too. Ian couldn’t be happier, I think.

0002.jpg 0001.jpg 0013.jpg 0047.jpg

Ian and Nikki are living together
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It seems Nikki and Ian are not wasting their time. Nikki reportedly moved in Ian’s home in Atlanta. It is obvious that Ian has to stay in Georgia beacuse of The Vampire Diaries set and Nikki lives in LA. It is a long distance for a new couple.

“Nikki goes to set every day.” – the source says, adding that they plan to also share a Los Angeles place when Ian is not filming TVD, too.

Living under the same roof is a big step but Ian and Nikki have been serious from the very beginning. Though they are dating for about a month in public, I’m sure their relationship started earlier.

“There was always an attraction, so it was easy to slip into dating.” – a mutual friend said about them.